Bill Jermyn is an
accredited mediator
with qualifications
in dispute resolution,
commerce, and
agricultural science...

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The Mediation Process

Once the mediator as the background to the dispute, parties will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to participate in the mediation process.
This is called an Agreement to Mediate.

The Mediator will explain the process of mediation and discuss the guidelines.
Each party will have the chance to tell their version of the situation as they see it, uninterrupted. The Mediator will work to clarify the issues, interests and needs of all parties guiding them to resolution.
Being neutral, the Mediator does not judge who is right or wrong, or challenge the validity of statements. It is for the Parties to develop mutually acceptable solutions to meet their needs in the particular situation.
When a solution acceptable to all parties is reached, a Mediation Agreement recording the outcomes is prepared and signed by the parties. This becomes a legally binding contract.

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