Bill Jermyn is an
accredited mediator
with qualifications
in dispute resolution,
commerce, and
agricultural science...

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Benefits of Mediation

Confidential. The mediation remains confidential to the parties and the Mediator unless the parties agree otherwise.

Value. Mediation is often much less expensive than Court proceedings or even other forms of ADR.

Time saving. Generally, mediation offers a faster resolution of disputes.

Retains control. The parties are in control of the process and the outcome, and can be creative in developing solutions that suit them and the situation. This is not available in other forms of dispute resolution.

Voluntary. Parties are free to choose entering, continuing, or ending mediation, and agree with the other parties what form the settlement takes. However, due to increasing success of mediation, it is now often mandated by various court, Tribunals, and Authorities.

Sustains Relationship. In situations where it is necessary or desirable to maintain the relationship, e.g. between neighbours or within small communities, mediation is ideally suited to offering that opportunity. In modern language, mediation ‘builds the bridge’ so that parties can ‘get over it’.

Success is not one-sided. It is not a win-lose outcome. Success is determined by both or all parties.

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